Final Publication

  • 'Engineers qualified in higher non-university VET institutions - providing arguments and evidence for NQF/EQF classification. Results from the EQUAL-CLASS project.' This publication summarises the main outcomes of the project.  Download

Analysis and comparison of qualifications

  • EQUAL-CLASS used the methodology developed in the 'ZOOM' project to compare the different engineering qualifications based on their learning outcomes descriptions and further criteria.
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Reality Check 1 "Remote Labs"

  • Within the EQUAL-CLASS project, so-called Remote Laboratories were used to assess and compare learners’ PLC (programmable logic controller) skills.
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Reality Check 2 Alumni Survey "Graduates in the labour market (occupations and positions)"

  • EQUAL-CLASS carried out an alumni survey in order to gain a deeper understanding of the occupations and positions of graduates with mechatronics, electronics/electrical engineering qualifications.
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Taking relevant professional experience into account – validation of non-formal and informal learning

Dissemination / Valorisation